Wednesday, 20 May 2015

iPhone Apps: Means to Conduct and Promote Business

In advanced economies like the United States of America, the manual trading system has almost gone defunct and it has been suitably replaced by the process of mobile business transactions. Millions of people now carry out all their transactions using the smart phone, tablet and such other devices. Developing applications for mobile devices is one of the ways to reach out to the vast contingent of users accordingly.

Developing Business Applications
Mobile devices are turning out to be indispensable part of the modern life. When Blackberry launched the email services for the first time it pretty revolutionized the mobile application spaces. Today it is possible raising the invoice with the fingertips and check in for flights or trains using the phone services. The list is as large as the wish lists but quality iPhone apps development company USA strives to take care of most of them.

Benefits of Business Applications for Mobile
Business applications for mobile devices can be very useful in saving time and money for the user and take the experience of the user to a different level altogether. Applications for business are now available for every type of mobile devices starting from smart phones, mobile phones and tablets. It is also available for every link in the business circle; right from the bottom line user through the top rung in the enterprise.

Tie-Up Solutions
Very often, the mobile phone service providers and application development companies tie up with each other with a host of solutions for their devices. This not only helps enhance the performance of the device but also helps solve many problems faced by the user satisfying their varied needs.

Business solutions through mobile apps could be anything from email, messaging, schedulers, or translators but it is quality that counts at the end of it.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Quality iPhone Apps can Promote and Sustain a Brand’s Identity

Application development for mobiles has become a part of business promotion strategies. Quality iPhone application development can promote business considerably. The point is to know how! Here’s a lowdown.

Understanding the Basic Structure

In the modern commercial world the mobile phone and tablet users constitute a vast contingent of potential buyers. Tapping this vast potential contingent is indispensable for any business organization. One of the most popular mobile devices the Apple iPhone has millions of users in USA and the world over. Application development for iPhone has therefore assumed a significant importance in the arena of business promotion.

It is first of all necessary understanding the basic structure in iPhone application development. Figure 1 show how the different elements in app development are linked with one another.

Figure 1 – Various nodes of app developed for iPhone

The structure shows a roundabout way from client through web server to finally the display device. Development of intelligent iPhone app can help to expedite and simplify the process for the user.

Requirements for Developer
In the process of iPhone application development USA there are certain factors for consideration that the developer must take into account. The process of web, iPhone as well as the application development need to be fast, accurate, easy to handle and future-friendly. In addition; the application needs to be usable on multiple devices. There should be integration of web and native application integration working with the database. Developer should also make the user interface friendly and understand the API as well.

Effective Link Backing
Applications that are developed for iPhone usually carry some links. The web is the platform for link building and network developing. Single page frameworks such as the Ember as well as the Angular can make it easier for the developer create complex apps for iPhone offering richer and robust experiences in comparison to the traditional websites.

Meeting the Needs for Multiple Features
While the products developed by developer could be very effective and efficient there could be multiple demands from the end users to develop various features that would make their experience with iPhone memorable. Such features may or may not be very effective or user friendly but the demands have to be met mainly to appease the customer. How the basic structure of such developments work is depicted in figure 2 below. 

Figure 2 – iPhone application development architecture

Key Methods in App Development
Application development for iPhone or for that matter for any mobile device needs building up specific strategies and planning. Without proper planning it may not be possible sticking to the time structure and cost balancing may become an inverted cart as well. Workflow consolidation is the key for getting the work done systematically and to avoid dangers of human errors. Some of the tools like the task runner and build control can help the developers and the company they are with to build up effective workflow orchestration.

Looking for Sustainability and Security
A couple of important aspects of iPhone application development are to take care of sustainability and security. App developed should be such that the user is able to use it for pretty long period without requiring a replacement. It should also be secure and bug free and this would help the user to use the app in his or her iPhone with confidence.

In developed economies like USA where there are millions of IPhone users around, it is necessary for every developer or developing agency to take care of the above factors.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Android Application Development: Eclipse, an Excellent Means

For every enterprise it is important to reach out to the vast contingent of mobile users and remain within the reach of the target users – before or alongside the competitor – in order to remain relevant and continue to occupy the memory. For this, the continued interest of the businesses and brands across the globe in developing various applications, especially targeting Android, the most popular operating system for mobile devices – has been an evident phenomenon. Here, the article elaborates, some of the essential factors that regulate a successful application development with a special insight on Eclipse as a language for Android application development.

Tools for Application Development

Since for business promotion reaching out to the mobile users is important, various applications are developed by companies to ensure this. A good majority of these applications are aimed at reaching out to users of Android; the most popular operating system for mobile devices.

Multiple tools are used for Android application development by the developer companies and solo developers. One of the most popular tools extensively used by developers across the globe is Eclipse. Preliminary task for them is installing Eclipse and setting it up for application development for Android.

Understanding Eclipse
Eclipse is open source and very powerful IDE helping out in creation of applications for all types of devices including mobile ones. It is usually favored by the developers because of its versatility and adoptability. It contains plug ins for various scripting languages like Java, PHP, Ruby, COBOL, and C++ among others. Eclipse also has cross platform capabilities and can be used not only for Android but for other operating systems as well.

Features of Android
Android is an operating system for mobiles and ideal for smart phones and tablets. It can access diverse hardware as well as the resources necessary to make the smart phone unique. Provided by Google it is open source and consistently updated and improved. The use of Android is huge; largest among all the operating systems for mobile and therefore Android application development offers a big challenge for the developers and developing agencies. Eclipse can help enhance the development of applications for the operating system substantially.

Building up Environment
Eclipse normally uses the concept of workspace so as to organize the objects and can be used to develop multiple types of applications. This workspace is nothing but the folder or drive in the client computer and contains the code and resources of the application developed using Eclipse. It also contains the libraries and resources used in developing the application.

Developing the First Application
It is always developing the first application that is difficult and after that it becomes easier for the developer. Like most others the starting application would be generating the Hello World message. 

Figure 1. First Android project with Eclipse

In Eclipse the apps developed for Android are created within a project. It has to be shaped using a series of windows and thereafter configuring the application. When the File>New>Android Application Project is chosen in Eclipse menu the following figure would appear.

Figure 2. First Android Application Project with Eclipse

When the screen is filled out with information, the application name would be displayed on the screen. This completes the project and package name. After that the user can develop the application created using minimum required SDK drop downs.

Why use SDK?
Use of SDK is necessary for application development for Android with Eclipse because each of the releases of the Android operating system is associated with a different SDK. This is done to enable the programmers to write code for such platform. Thus the specific SDK use is essential for running the application developed for the Android OS.

Minimum SDK requirement also determines what devices would be able to use the new app developed.

Friday, 15 May 2015

The task of an Android App Expert: More than Building a Monument from Scratch

As a favored operating system for mobile devices, popularity of Android is unquestionable. However, it all boils down to identification of the right features and the right UI for a brand (the the developers/developer employed by the brand) to maximize the use of the app.

Need for the right Service Provider
It is necessary that the developer or agency taking up the development starts from the scratch, and towards building the monument for the client, keeps on interacting and remains open for iterations. For an Android app development company USA the need is to consistently monitor the developments taking shape from the inception till the logical end involving the client all along.

Acting as Trusted Partner
The developer company should act as the trusted partner for the client. Working in close collaboration with the client - irrespective of the difference in location and background - the service provider should live up to the expectations of the client. One of the features would be to offer the software products as desired – but the service and the future prospects hardly ends with the delivery! The enterprise will need regular updates/improvements for the app and related maintenance support. An experienced app developer will identify the need at the beginning and will leave the scopes open while discussing that with the client/publisher.

The following figure explains various aspects of the Android application development process that a competent company would offer. 

Figure 1 – various aspects of Android app development

Offering Value Driven and Iterative Process
An important aspect of app development for Android to be taken care is to develop the app to be value-driven and flexible towards future iterations. The company providing services should allow the clients testing platform, welcome ideas - and validate the problems diligently. They should also enlighten the client with appropriate prototypes and MVIs.

Challenge lies in diversities
An experienced and truly trust-worthy company taking up the task of Android app development will invariably take care of the issue of mobile device compatibility - as that is where the use of Android app lies to be tested. The enterprise or the publisher commissioning the project might want to highlight the device where an app is targeted to be more prominent.

It does not wait to be said that success of an app largely lies onto the efficiency of the app development company – wherever you might be the subscribing the services from, US, UK or Asian countries with distinct cost advantage to offer.

Monday, 11 May 2015

How to Use the iPhone Touch Technology towards its Apps Development

Use of touch technology is nothing uncommon these days and most mobile users have idea about it. But using and developing applications for touch technology based mobile devices is a different proposition altogether and it requires expert handling.

Touch Technology for iPhone
Among the mobile devices used in the industry, iPhone occupies a premier position. There are certain areas where the use of touch technology helps the user a lot. These are:

  • Finding the locations using GPS.
  • Accelerometer and orientation processes helping 3D motion of objects.
  • Programmable vibrators.
  • Camera features.
  • Using the address book.

How Provider Companies Go About It
An efficient and reliable iPhone application development company USA always have a team of experienced professional experts who can rise up to any challenges that they face. For application development the developers have to understand about the layers in the iOS which is the operating system used by the iPhone

Different Layers in the iPhone
Usually the iPhone would have four layers in the iOS it uses. These are Cocoa touch, media, core services, and core OS. Each layer has a number of inner frameworks that can be used by the developers to bring up the desired application or program. At the beginning the developer would deal with the top layer only. The following diagram depicts.


What the Layers are About
Among the four layers the Cocoa touch is the base. It has UI[Kit framework with window and event support as well as user management. Media framework offers the protocols to deal with the audio visual factors in iPhone. Core service is used for all applications as well as data types and core operating system is the kernel level software that deals with threading, networking, memory, and I/O.

Friday, 8 May 2015

What it Takes to Carry Out Successful Application Development for Android

For any application developed to be successful, the developer and the company sponsoring the app need to have a smart strategy in place. And for endeavor to be successful, with everything else about the content and quality of coding, having intuitive user interface is one of the primary components. An expert app development company won’t settle for just the good ones but would focus on developing an app (or a game) that brings value for the brand and business in question.

Requirement of a Beautiful Design to adorn the app interface
Need of the hour is having an app that is good to look at, easy to operate and efficient in operation – all the while being competitive in pricing. The combination might look improbable and a challenge for many to achieve, but an accomplished Android app development company in USA (or in any part of the world for that matter) can take care of these three aspects by virtue of its experience and efficiency.

Continuing on the design component it requires to be iterated that the app should provide comprehensive knowledge and guidance around its unpacking/downloading, utilization of the available features and other such facets to its users. Following image corresponding to an app around Intel’s ‘Easy Migration’ Feature can be seen to be portrayed differently across different devices sizes.

Multiple Platform Solutions
Citing the same image above, one can highlight the need of the application to developed for different sizes of Android devices. Some of the best apps in the market have met with disaster because they were compatible to specific products only.

Importance of tapping mobile users is great for any business or entrepreneur that aspires to remain accepted in the industry. Moreover, if it’s around en enterprise app, which the employees of the enterprise might use across different types of devices, applications developed targeting multi-device compatibility is essential for any enterprise.

It is only with appropriate initial guidance and clear understanding that the users can make the best use of the applications developed.

How the Developer Should Proceed
Developers of Android apps should start with a clear understanding of the mobile math, themselves. Only a clear determination of the target user and device type can get the best ROI on an investment. Designs should be intuitive so that the user gets the best experience with it.

Success of an app depends on the efficiency of the developer team in understand the publisher/client’s objectives.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

A brief on How PHP Apps Render Excellent Database Connectivity

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of PHP as a platform for application development is its excellent ability to be useful across a wide assortment of database technologies. It can easily connect to MySQL, Oracle, Solid, Sybase, Informix, as well as the Generic ODBC.

Popular Combination:
In fact; the PHP- MySQL is the most popular combination of scripting language with database. It is available on almost every UNIX host that is around. PHP is also web oriented and it can provide remote connectivity, url encoding, redirecting, setting up cookies and checking email using POP3 or IMAP.

Process of Optimization:
Usually the task that is accomplished by PHP app development service is optimization of all the features of PHP conveniently. A user navigating to web pages using PHP extension, their request is sent to web server and it is redirected to PHP interpreter as the following diagram depicts.

Diagram: PHP redirecting process


The Scripting Process
PHP is a hyper text preprocessor and widely used server side scripting language. Written in HTML - it makes it necessary for the developer taking up application development with PHP to have good knowledge of HTML5. There is however one difference. In case of PHP, the script is not sent directly to the client by the server unlike HTML and the code is interpreted and thereafter executed in the client side. Developers have to keep this in mind while creating apps with PHP and they should understand the necessity of correct coding.

What PHP Apps Can Do
With appropriate apps support PHP can query the database, create various images, read and write the files and communicate with distant servers. Scope of use of such a wide assortment of possibilities is almost endless.

Output generated by PHP code is coupled with HTML and the result is transmitted to web browser of the user - while the browser sees HTML only.